New automatic palletizing unit

Problems with unstable rolls falling during the pallet forming?

Add-on devices for Boato palletizing units making the difference

New automatic palletizing unitIt may happen under certain working conditions that rolls of finished product are unstable for several reasons beyond Manufacturer’s control. Defective wooden pallets, unstable rolls due to very short diameter and other factors may cause the rolls to fall down during the finished pallet forming operations. The new automatic palletizing unit studied and manufactured by Boato leads towards a 100% trustable machine that does not require the presence of the operator. Your finished pallet comes out completely strapped and stable before entering the final packing stations. Now two new add-on devices that can be implemented in almost all Boato manufactured palletizing units make the difference! No more rolls on the ground and no operator is needed to control the machine to check if any annoying event occurs.