Worldwide fastest automatic winder

The most important news of the last century for waterproofing membrane manufacturers.

R&D Department constantly develops and innovates with new machineries for the market

Worldwide fastest automatic winderThis new Winder presents high quality with great value, which means High Speed Performances for best results in terms of quality and earnings.

In recent years the market trend has led the membrane manufacturers to reduce the rolls lengths to match the demands of technical standards. This has led to increase the number of rolls produced per minute but with a reduction of the production line speed due to the winding machines capacities.

Our today’s lines reach the output of 70m/min. of final rolls placed into the market, of five meters length. For this reason, the Boato Research & Development department has carefully studied this phenomenon and today is honoured to announce the birth of the fastest automatic winding machine available worldwide - The new model EV 4000 has a production speed of up to 15 rolls / min.