Automatic box packaging machine

BOXING MACHINE MODEL BBM/15Boato is able to satisfy the request of the market to insert the most valuable rolls into a solid cardboard box.

The very performant Boato Boxing Machine MODEL BBM/15 reaches the performance of the worldwide fastest winding machine EV4000 manufactured by Boato. This incredible machine is capable to box automatically the membrane rolls. The cycle is completely automatized from the catching of punched cardboards, to the box forming, rolls inserting and box closing. Is important to notice that the system is typically supplied with a by-pass way which allow the rolls to reach the palletizer without being boxed if requested.

The machine is driven by a series of brushless motors mounted on each motion group (blank dispenser, bar transferring unit, forming head). This system also allows a very easy, flexible and fast format change (2 formats) in semiautomatic way (manual interventions are marginal).