Stand-alone equipment

TRANSVERSAL SELVEDGE APPLICATION UNITThe automatic transversal selvedge application unit is capable to apply automatically a polyester film (resistant to high temperature) stripe onto the membrane upper surface prior to the granules application.

This machine unwinds the film from a reel, cuts the desired length (according to the membrane width) and applies automatically the same onto the membrane surface.

The machine is able to apply the selvedge to the membrane at pre-selected distances, according to the ength of the rolls being manufactured (for example 10m - 7,5m - 5m etc….).

A Touch Panel is provided to set the mentioned distance for the proper application of the selvedge. The machine is a stand-alone equipment, including electrical control and power board, with all the functions managed by means of a PLC. Implementations to the winding machine are necessary for the correct cutting of the roll end.