A new device capable to apply an additional compound layer with thickness and width calibrated.

Possible implementation on existing machines!

COMPOUND LAYER APPLICATORThe compound layer applicator is characterized by a compound containing tank (fed from the existent mixing section) and an application unit located underneath. The application unit consists of a special shaped steel element capable of dosing, of controlling the layer thickness and with the possibility of acting as a valve for dosing/closing/opening. Specially machined surfaces on the application unit spread the compound obtaining a layer with smooth surface and regular aspect, while adjustable lateral elements integrated on the two sides allow an accurate setting of the width of the compound applied. Thanks to specially designed gaskets installed on the movable elements, the compound application can be interrupted in case of production stop, without any compound leakage onto the membrane top surface or from the sides, hence allowing a comfortable restart of the production process. The compound flowing through the application unit can be adjusted as well, based on production parameters involved in the process.

The compound layer applicator is electrically heated and mounted on a supporting structure which can be fitted easily also on existent machinery. Furthermore, the micrometrical adjustable position of the application unit with respect to a reference surface permits to control precisely the thickness of the applied compound layer. A fast opening system is provided for a comfortable access to the internal parts of the machinery.

The compound layer applicator is perfect for all those applications which require high precision control, as for example in case of additional thin layer application on reinforced membranes or in the manufacturing of coreless membranes.